10mm trimmer potentiometer


I have an arduino starter kit and it comes with this timmer potentiometer (V10). I believe the V10 trimmer potentiometer is the part used in the arduino starter kit: https://www.arduino.cc/documents/datasheets/Potentiometer.PDF?_gl=13cxwus_gaMjU4NDA5MjcuMTY0NDE2MDI3NA%E2%80%A6_ga_NEXN8H46L5*MTY0NTE0MTk1NS42LjEuMTY0NTE0MjAwNS4w

Screen Shot 2022-02-18 at 8.24.00 AM

The spacing between the 2 back legs is 5mm and the spacing between the front leg and the 2 back legs is 10mm. I see there are timmer potentiometers in Fritzing but they have 5mm spacing between the front and back legs not 10mm.

I found pot-arduino-starter-kit.fzpz from CA9 9mm Carbon Potentiometer Part File (Arduino Starter Kit) - #4 by vanepp but the connectors and spacing on that part do not match the connectors on the physical part I have.

How do I change this spacing using the part editor? I’m trying to create a custom arduino shield so I only care that distances are shown on the PCB view are correct. I don’t care about the look.


The 12mm pot in core parts looks to have the correct pcb spacing.


Oh yeah, thanks! I thought it wouldn’t work because it only takes up 4 rows on the breadboard–the one I physically have takes up 5 rows–but on the PCB view it is 10mm.