ZMPT101b voltage sensor

hi everyone.
im a new user of fritzing. im trying to make my fritzing project about monitoring power for my school work, but i can’t find zmpt101b part that i use.
this is zmpt101b parts that im looking for zmpt101b-voltage-sensor-active-single-phase-voltage-transformer-module-500x500

can anyone help me out please?

While there appears to be one (there are pictures) it doesn’t look to be available. So this should do. Note it is sized from a jpg image so position of the mounting holes in pcb may be not quite correct but otherwise it should be fine. As usual if you want the mounting holes, you need to drag a hole in to your sketch and position it over the hole in silkscreen, by default the mounting holes will not be drilled.

zmpt101b.fzpz (13.0 KB)