Yet another boost split supply module

The mail man delivered yet another boost dual output power supply module today (and there is yet another set on order :slight_smile: ). This one’s claim to fame is that it has dual regulators (the others have a single regulator for both outputs) which may justify its higher cost and larger size in some applications. In any case a fritzing part for it (the search term to find them on ebay is in the description in Inspector):

edit: to help with selection here is a screen shot of the bb view. It should provide a sense of the size of the module and help in selecting the correct one on ebay:

DC 5v-12V input to ± 12V DC-DC converter.fzpz (23.9 KB)


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Any chance you could add pictures of the modules to your posts to make it easier for people to know which ones they are?

I could probably do that, I do have a digital camera. Breadboard view should tell them apart however as they are all quite different. I’ll try and grab some pics tomorrow.


Even screen shots of the bread board view would be good. I am thinking when someone needs these they will have to download all of them and open them all to see which one they wanted. If you had pictures they would just download the exact one they need at the time.

Good thought! I was considering grabbing the product photos off ebay but I expect there are copyright issues lurking there. Screen shots of the bb view are better bet. I’ll do that.


Nice module Peter! Any chance you could supply a link to the eBay listing? I could have some fun with one of these! :smiley:
Cheers, Kevin.

Sure, I expect you are best with a search, this module (and its friends) can be found with a search of “Negative Voltage Dual DC 12V”, the specific one I bought is here:

it may be cheaper at one of the other places selling it, I was already buying something else from them and didn’t look for lowest price. This is one of the more expensive ones for if you need highish current (remembering that the input current at 5V is going to be about triple the output current) and good regulation. For normal tasks the cheapie is my choice (only 30ma each side but 1/3 the price) search for “DC 5V TO ±12V Mini DC converter” although you have to dig down a bit to find the actual dual supply ones. Again I got mine from here:

At less than $2 each (against $8 or so for 1 of the better one). If you need high current I’m not sure a couple of 2 or 3A boost adjustable boost regulators aren’t a better bet (+12 is obvious, -12 you make regulated +5V “ground” for the module and gnd the +VIN (which to the module looks like +5V in and set the output voltage to -17V (giving -12V at the output relative to circuit ground which is +VIN to the
module when you subtract the input voltage from the output,). The boost regulators are only a couple of bucks each for 2 to 3A output (again noting you are going to need 3 times that on the input side assuming you use 5v in, which is getting quite large). If you need very low noise output, these are available at up to ±24V output and can then be used to drive a 78L12/79L12 (from the ±15v module)
or 78L15/79L15 linear regulators (from the ±24v module). I haven’t yet got these so there isn’t yet a

Again these are quite expensive, but if you need the power and/or the low noise they are an option.


Thanks for this Peter.
I will buy some tomorrow for fun little projects. 5pcs of those mini ones are a great deal! Hours of fun :smiley:
Cheers, Kevin.

Yep I bought 10 of them (for some reason the 5s are cheaper per unit than 10 :slight_smile: ) because I haven’t seen them before and once they sell out they may not be available again. If you need less than 30ma they are unbeatable (and most op amps and many 232 chips need less than 30ma).