Wrong HLK-PM1 part

Hi everyone !

I’ve build a PCB with a HLK-PM1 part. I’ve the latest version of Fritzing : 0.9.3
I can’t put the HLK-PM1 on the PCB, the holes are too small :(. The distance is correct, but the holes too small … The diameter of the pin is 0.8 mm and in the PCB i’ve something like 0.5 mm

I’ve tried to modify the HLK-PM1 part but without success !!!

Somebody can help me ???

Thanks a lot !


Try this one. Increased the pad and hole size to .035 with Inkscape. .035 is standard IC socket size, if your pins are bigger than that the size may need to be larger yet.

HLK-PM01.fzpz (10.8 KB)

Thank’s a lot !
I’ve opened your HLK-PM01 and the hole seems to be perfect !
I will make a new PCB with this !

Thank you !

Did you ever succeed in making a PCB using this part? If so, would it be possible the electrical schematic and PCB. I’m currently contemplating using it to power an ESP8266 arduino.