Working with Mouser

Mouser has a program that converts its products into library files for different PCB CAD programs (Eagle is supported, for instance). I asked if they would support Fritzing. They said “yes”, but it would helpful if someone from Fritzing would work with them to set it up. Does anyone know if that person exists, and how I can find them.

No, FZ is dead. The people that wrote cared so little when it ended they destroyed any possibility of people to mod it. So effectively it wasn’t left to the people to try and continue it, but left to die a slow death.

Oh, wow. Tough assessment. So, I should just figure out Eagle?

Although Fritzing development is more or less dead right now I believe the program will be around for a long time since there are a few of us that maintain our own updated versions on Github. For Mouser you could suggest they look at the eagle to Fritzing script available online as it should allow them to convert their Eagle files to Fritzing files and not have to learn how to make Fritzing parts. As far as I understand the script it requires a perfect Eagle part to start with. It is also really old and I have never used it so it may have some issues I am unaware of.

Since I’ve seen their footprint program (but not used it because they wanted me to register and only had eagle and kicad parts not fritzing). Have them contact me if they need help. Breadboard is likely to be an issue because it is very different than most of the others. As was mentioned there is a script that changes from eagle (adafruit’s is the latest I think) although I haven’t used it either.