Wiring without using a breadboard

Hi all,

usually a project starts with a breadboard, right?
In my case I hat just a connector a few LEDs and 2 servos.
I want to connect some wires “over the air”.

Unfortunately it is really tricky to handly wires without having a breadboard.
Obviously it is not intended to connect wires together.

Now … while I am writing it makes sens … because it is not possible it reality as well :slight_smile:
Cappy )

Yeah, you can’t connect wires like that in real life. You can make fake connections by running wires on wires to hide them, but that is just a schematic with pictures.
This vid explains BB view.

You could use perf board (which Fritzing supports.) In core parts you can select various types of perf board and connect components to that. There are a variety of parts (usually marked top-view) that have had breadboard modified to support perf board better (basically to fit within the footprint of the component rather than the typical larger slanted breadboard view.) I think someone collected them all in to a single zip file recently.