Winslow 2.54mm Part No. W30508TRC

I need your help finding the following component:

Winslow 2.54mm Pitch Vertical 8 Way


A 8 pin generic IC will serve. In general there aren’t sockets in Fritzing as they aren’t useful for anything. It will show up in breadboard as an IC rather than a socket though, and I suppose that may be a case where a socket would be needed if you need the view in breadboard for illustration purposes.


Can you please prepare me the file for the fritzing software that will help me a lot

OK here is a part. It looks like this in breadboard:

schematic is just the pins and pcb is the standard 8 pin DIP footprint.

dip-8pin-socket.fzpz (4.5 KB)


Thanks for the support :blush:

hi peter,
What its preparation does not match the original description of the component in terms of dimensions on the board

In which dimension? The pins are on 0.1in boundaries and the outline is about 0.02mm too large as far as I can see.

the size here is 10.16mm in both directions where the original is specified as 10.14mm but that doesn’t seem that wrong.

Pin pitch is 2.54mm (0.1in) and pin width is 7.62mm (0.3in) as specified.


Hi Peter,
I ordered some PCBs from JLBC when they arrive I will update
Thank you.