Windows 7 an issue?

I paid the 8 uro and downloaded the program but it wont let me in, any problem with my Windows 7 ?

I don’t believe the current version supports Win7. While I’m not sure when exactly that changed I know (because I have done it) the Fritzing 0.9.3b will run on Win7. At the bottom of the download page are previous versions (the link in your receipt email will let you access the download page without a further donation.) I would suggest grabbing a copy 0.9.3b and probably 0.9.10 to see if that will work on Win7 (I seem to recall that may have been the last version to support Win7, but I would grab a copy of 0.9.3b just in case I am wrong!)


Fritzing 0.9.10 is the last version that runs on Windows 7.