Will Fritzing fullfill my needs?

I need to pay to download fritzing. That’s fine, if it works.

What I want is these nice images with a breadboard with different parts on it, and wires etc.

I NEED a generic NodeMCU (actually this one: https://jentronic.dk/iot-mainboards/17-nodemcu-esp8266-iot-mainboard.html but I suppose any generic version would work), and it’s rather unclear to me if I can have that.

(A demo version working for a week or two would be very beneficial, - that I, and others, could see if the program is what I need, and pay if it is).

Also I would very much like if it has the ESP32. I suppose I’ll be going there, but for now I am using the NodeMCU (ESP8266).

It’s hard to say, because it depends on if the parts have been made. Big parts are very graphic intensive and they are drawn in the less common vector type, so less people know how to make them, meaning there are less parts around.

Put it is this way, no other circuit design software does those drawings.
Some EDA’s have 3D render of made PCBs, but there are no rendering of connection stuff like wires, ie, they aren’t for conveying the layout.

I guess do a Goo image search for that part and add Fritzing, and go to the site and see if there is a .fzpz or .fzz file.

After using Fritzing for several years and posting tutorials on making PCB’s and Parts, I used my knowledge and applied it to learning/using Kicad.

Regarding a handful of tasks, Folks said you “can’t do that…” but, like with Fritzing, where there’s a will, there’s often a way.

Fast-forward to present…

Below examples of some Kicad’s 3D pcb viewer - with wires and jumpers… and pcb on risers…

Whether Fritzing or Kicad/others, the amount of graphic work depends on how realistic/accurate you want.

What I can say about Fritzing is:
It’s easy to learn and use and, the results have been excellent.
Making Parts and custom PCB’s are easy for me/others but, challenging for others to learn.

What I can say about Kicad is:
Learning is a tad more difficult than Fritzing but, still easy.
Making Parts and custom PCB’ is easy (the tools are included in Kicad and simple to use). And, there are several ways to do it (internally and externally).
Results are excellent.

There are a number of different esp32 nodemcu parts available on the net. It is quite likely (although I didn’t look closely) that one of the existing ones will do. I have made or modified at least 6 for people over the years.