Why does the ground-fill-mechanism generate circles of copper fill?

Hey friends,
I have a question on the ground filling mechanism.
In my pcb-project I need quite large distances from the computer-generated ground fill to the solder joints.

Of course, I could put a copper-fill-blocking-element onto each solder joint, but I actually dont want to do this because if I need to change the pcb later, I would have to also re-arrange all those blocking-elements, too.

Hence, I wanted to simply set a large copper-fill-distance in the copper-fill-settings. While playing around with the settings, I realised something:

When I set the distance to 50 I can see that there is a connection made to the solder joint that I had set as ground-fill-seed. So everything as expected (see first picture). But when I set the distance to 100, then I cannot see a connection from the ground-plane to the seed-solder-joint. And also, I can see that the ground-fill-mechanism generates circles of copper fill around the solder joints (see second picture). Can somebody explain what happens there? I just don’t understand it.

Thank you very much=)

P.S. Fritzing Version 0.9.3 on MacOS Sierra 10.12.6

This is certainly a bug in version 0.9.3 , and unfortunately it is not yet fixed in later versions.
One workaround is to create regular copper traces. You could connect the trace from the part to the ground fill, or to another part.
By first creating the ground fill, and then the traces, they will merge with the copper fill.
The same trick is possible with copper pads to avoid routing the trace all over the board.

By detaching the wires, or using “delete up to bendpoints”, dangling traces can be created:

Please note that this is a workaround, the dangling wires are certainly not clean (Design Rule Checker will complain). Once we fix it, default ground fill connectors should match expectations more often, and should also be customizable to optimize for soldering vs current capacity.

Hi Kjell,
thank you very much for your response and the workaround:)