Why are people posting movies in projects?

There ought to be some way to prevent people from creating junk projects like that.
Perhaps there’s a way to “flag” a project?
It just clutters the website.

What are you talking about? I am on here multiple times a day and I have NEVER seen a movie being posted other than parts creation videos every so often in the parts help section.

On the Projects front page.
See screen cap.

Sorry I thought you were talking about the forum as it has a projects section too. I can’t give an answer other than people that upload those types of videos and spread the links everywhere do it to make PROFIT off of views. They are paid by the hosting company. It is the reason why Kim Dot Com is being extradited to the US as his hosting company also rewarded people for uploading and sharing pirated content.

Honestly I didn’t even know that section existed becasue of how I use Fritzing to make PCBs not to document module connecting.

Maybe @landracer could help us.

Yeah, it’s too bad the main site doesn’t have a flagging mechanism like the forum site does. Weird too 'cause you have to register with a valid email and prove you’re not a bot with captcha, to be able to create a project!

I would normally say it’s just an annoying little thing, but the issue is that the uploaded project files are just re-named zip files, which means such rogue users can post malware … I suspect such projects really are in fact malware, but I’m not gonna waste more time on this.

Thanks for your input, and the quick attention! :slight_smile:

Hopefully Landracer will be able to help with this. He is an admin and has the power to remove things etc. Hopefully he will have an answer that is better for the future like adding a report button.

I’ve put in a request for everyone! :slight_smile: Hopefully we can nip that in the bud, once and for all.

Thanks for the heads-up @bernie27

Thanks for letting me know. I removed all spam projects manually and so far nothing more came up.