Why are holes from tht resistor so big

In my first project is use the standard tht resistor from the library. The hole(s) is 0.9 mm diameter.

After receiving the pcb my resistors really “drowning” in the hole.

In a later project i tested it with a standard via hole (0.4 mm) and it fits perfectly.

So my question is why are the holes so big of this part? It’s not possible to change it in the pcb.

I expect you have done something wrong as a standard resistor from core uses a .035 inch (don’t know what that is in mm, but .9 sounds way too big) hole in the gerber drill file. If you post the project for your board I expect one of us can spot something wrong.

When i search for resistor, i get several results and all of them has a standard much to big hole for the tht type.

Yes, i posted a project called 74hc595 with 16 resistors and they have a 0.9mm hole ( i believe 0.0354 inch ) because it was my first project i trusted on these hole-size.

Are you using something like 1/8 watt resistors? A standard 1/4 watt resistor lead reads about .025 on my vernier calipers so .035 sounds about the right hole size (I admit I rarely make boards though). If this is thought to be a problem, changes to parts are independent of changes to the Fritzing code so it could be changed reasonably easily, but yours is the first complaint I remember.

That is the std hole size.

I like 0.8mm when I can because I drill my own, but usually they are 0.8 - 1.0mm for std THT stuff.

An old 1/4W resistors have leads of 0.6 - 0.7mm, only the new cheap Chinese stuff has cost saving thin leads.

I don’t think anyone does 0.4mm for actual THT components, so you would have to create a special small hole part if you want 0.4mm.

If you want such a part I can whip one out for you (its a simple edit in the svg), but I don’t think the extras in core will work with it as it isn’t a core part (but I could be wrong :slight_smile: ).

I put a 0.4mm via on each of my connectors - sometimes over 100 on 1 PCB -, because the copper etch centres the drill when you DIY drill them.

You could use this short-cut as another way to shrink a hole.

Yes, the resisters i use are small. Bought a whole bunches with diffrent values for only 3$.

I later projects when i use a via of 0.4 mm they just fit fine.
Problem is no silkmask and you mis the part in the breadboard and schematic view.

Is it possible to make in the next fritzing version to give choices of let’s say 3 values from 0.4 - 0.9mm? Or make 3 resistor parts. Now i see several.

Sorry I just tried the via on the connector and the original big hole is still in the drill.txt file, so it’s not shrinking the hole.

I would say it’s a bit unlikely it will be added because it’s not what the industry uses, so it’s probably going to be a matter of making all new parts.

While it took longer than it should due to my usual fight with Inkscape (resolved in this case to resorting to a text editor on the xml :slight_smile: ) here is a resistor part with the hole size reduced to .0157 (same as the via).

(edit: As usual I was ignorant. With the correct magic sauce “ResistorModuleID” on the end of the moduleID in this case) it will use the core value changes. I uploaded a corrected version that does so …)

small_pad_Resistor.fzpz (5.9 KB)

If you download this file and open it in Fritzing it will put a new resistor part in your mine parts bin with .0157 holes on the pad. Because its not a core part the change values stuff won’t work but the rest should be fine.

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Oh yes!!! This resistor part is much better.