Which files from fritzing to submit for 3Dprinting



Can someone tell me how to and what files from fritzing could be used or shared to order PCB for 3D printing.
will gerber files work ?
please suggest.


Do you mean cnc milling (in which case @opera_night is a good bet because he does this)? I don’t know of a 3d printer that does pcbs (although there may be one). I would guess gerber files are going to be the thing because that is what most of the pcb programs generate (I think there is an interpreter for cnc milling that converts gerbers to what ever the mill needs, likely an outline of the traces to mill) .



I’m not clear on what you want to do but, since I have several 3D printers and CNC mill, I can answer what might be your question:

3D-Printing is Not used for making PCB’s.

You can’t 3D-print copper traces (though, I suppose some day a ‘Copper’ infused filament may be available - other metals are available for strength).

You can CNC mill a PCB (I do it frequently). The Gerbers exported from Fritzing are perfect for it.
Simply Export your For_Production>Extended_Gerber and send them to whomever is making the pcb. Confer with them for clarity on what they need.

Those same Gerbers are for PCB making companies and for CNC-Gcode-Interpreter sofware.

If for some reason you want to 3D-print the traces & pads that would be shaped similarly to the actual PCB, you can do that but, results will not be desirable do to thin trace widths, tiny contact holes, trace height…
Sure, you could mess with it a get something that looks like it came from a Toy Store but, it won’t be a PCB with a Circuit.