Where to hire someone who can make a full service


Where should I start if I want to hire someone to make a full project ready to one click fabrication with all the needed files and electronic calculations.

from an idea to a finish and ready to use PCB print.

I would say with around 10-20 components.

Because I am noobs, so please be nice…

This is likely to be quite expensive to do in this manner (and Fritzing may not be the appropriate tool to do it). I guess wait and see if anyone offers a price, or perhaps someone has a reference to an appropriate site. I remember seeing a site in a google search which appeared to take a project spec (but perhaps for software only?) and people bid on it, but I don’t remember the url or search term though.


Thanks for your reply, Peter…

Can that be correct maybe I explained it wrong.

A project like this setup in fritzing. http://fritzing.org/projects/lauflicht-mit-poti

That could not be that much maybe - an hour - I think…

I am totally wrong???


From this I took you to mean that you wanted to buy a circuit design (which someone would need to engineer) which had a pcb and a suitable pick and place file (which I’m not sure Fritzing supports) to enable you to buy fully assembled boards from one of the prototype suppliers. That is a fair amount of work and cost and may not be possible with Fritzing. If instead you are looking for a simple circuit with breadboard, schematic and pcb with the files to order the pcb to assemble yourself (which now sounds more like what you want) then Fritzing is likely a good bet (it will generate the necessary files to for a board maker to produce circuit boards for you, just maybe not the files to do automatic assembly). If you post what you want to do we can either suggest a project that can be modified to do the job or perhaps someone will offer to do it for a fee. We usually supply free advise to folks trying to make things here rather than do it as a business, but there may well be people here willing to do that.


I don’t know what the project is but I might make it for you, if you can make it clear what you really want.

I think for a start price. So I know how much we are dealling with.

1 BLUETOOTH CHIP 4.0 prepared for use with the Arduino IDE interface.
1 BT antenne
1 AUDIO STEREO HIGH GRADE OUTPUT min. 2x25watt slots
1 USB micro input for charging a li-po 3.7v batt. 8.000mAh
1charger module 1A ?
1 Toggle on/off button
1 Led (RGB)


Calculations and some safety components for prober use.

It is still not clear what you want to build, but looking at the parts, it seems a bit complicated since you do not want to use premade modules. Your 2x25watt stereo amp is complicated and has a lot of huge capacitors. Considering all this, your board size is gonna be more than 10x10cm and the production cost is gonna increase drastically if you want to produce the boards in small quantities.

All the parts you mentioned will cost between 40-50$ and the PCBs will cost around 40$ for 10(cheaper if you get more). It would help if you could tell me about your project in more detail so that I may be able to help you.