Where to find TSSOP parts


After searching for a while in internet and trying to build the parts myself, I found extremely complex to build custom parts and did not found any viable for TSSOP components.
In particular, I would need a TSSOP-14.

Does any of you have it already, or know where I could found it?

Kind regards,
Adrian M.

There appears to be a generic IC varient that has what looks like (at a quick glance) a tssop14 foot print. Search in parts bin for so14w will find it. Or drag a generic IC on to any view and then with inspector change to 14 pins and the SO package (tssop changes the pins to 20 which may mean there is only a 20 tssop footprint). I don’t do much with SM, so someone else may have a better answer. Making a new foot print would be fairly trivial, just cut down the 20 for instance with Inkscape. Having the footprint however doesn’t help with schematic or bb views (although if its a chip, generic does for bb :slight_smile: ).