Where to find this "Stereo Audio Amplifier board" design!


“Stereo Audio Amplifier Board”
I want to download this module as .fzz but I never found it.
Anyone have any idea where I can add this board to Fritzing file!
what is the specific name for it?

A google search for “fritzing part Stereo Audio Amplifier Board” (under the images tab) says this is a PAM8403 6W STEREO AMPLIFIER. A google search for that indicates a part is available on github:

fritzing part PAM8403 6W STEREO AMPLIFIER

first hit:

I have no idea if the part is any good or not, but you should start there. If it doesn’t work, post again and I (or someone else) will have a look at the part.


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Probably not too interested in this part, I made it as Mono output. Of course, simple enough to change and use the second channel… It works as a baseline audio amp for my other projects needing Mono…

AMP_audio_LM386_RevA.fzz (14.4 KB)

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