Where to find small buzzer in Fritzing?

Hello! I’ve just started using Fritzing and I can’t find one part that i need. I’m looking for these “small buzzers” (I cannot find its name, but I included below something that uses them).

Do you know how to find that part? Do I need to download some additional libraries or have I just overlooked it?

How small is small? If you type buzzer in to the parts search bar (the magnifying glass) and press enter several varieties of buzzer come up (from the standard one in core parts to 12mm buzzers elsewhere). As well if there is an fzz (sketch file) associated with the picture you have you can find the buzzer in there in the temp parts bin and export it (assuming it isn’t one of the core buffers). As well a google search for “frtizing part buzzer” may turn up something on the net (you are looking for an .fzpz file which is a Fritzing part).