Where is the Simulator?

Where can I download the simulator?

It is included in Fritzing 1.0.1 (and maybe Fritzing 1.0.) Note it is a spice based simulator and doesn’t simulate Arduinos and currently only does dc and not ac simulation.


Is a Arduino code simulator on the roadmap?

I just installed this software as an upgrade from Tinkercad specifically for this purpose since Fritzing seemed to have a wider range of components like stepper motors but not realizing the code simulation feature is not working.

Is there any other alternative software that would work?


There are some discussions about it, but it’s a complex feature and it would require a lot of resources to implement it. There are issues that are more important right now, but we may consider it in the future.
If you think this feature is important, please vote for it in the issue traker:

If you have any specific requirements or implementation ideas, feel free to write them there, but avoid messages like “+1” (for that it’s enough to press the thumbs up bottom of the first message).
For now, you should keep using tinkercad or simulide.

For Arduino and a few others, you could check out Wokwi. It’s pretty good.