Where can I find the M8N GPS module?

Just getting started, and I want to document a project using the M8N GPS.
I see it used in a number of online blogs but I don’t know where to find it.


You need to provide better information. A google search for

“fritzing part m8n gps module”

which is the standard way to find Fritzing parts, turns up a U-blox Neo6M module and a reference (but no Fritzing part) for a U-blox NeoM8 GPS in SMD form (there may also be breakout boards available though.) It is however unclear if that is what you are looking for. As well are you are looking for a breakout board (in which case which one?) or the GPS SMD IC itself? A web page for the exactly the part you want (preferably with a connector pin out and mechanical drawing so a custom part can be made if required) is necessary to do more on this.


At this point I don’t need to be precise about which module, I just want to document the serial connection properly before I tear down a project.
So many blogs show a Fritzing M8N part but don’t say where they got it from.
The image below came from this blog https://andrea-toscano.com/u-blox-neo-m8n-u-center-configuration-and-arduino-parser-sketch/
but again no fzpz file to be found.

That would be because that isn’t a Neo M8n (despite the label on it!) It is an adafruit ultimate GPS Fritzing part and is available from the adafruit Fritzing repository. As I said there doesn’t appear to be a M8n Fritzing part at present.


It sounds like the Neo6M module that the google search found may do what you need. Otherwise as noted a web site with the breakout module you want would be required to make a part.


OK thanks, appreciate the help. I might use that part for now.

Also, the pictured module connects to RX and TX, so it is using a standard serial interface. Any device using a serial interface should be enough to ‘model’ the project, as far as wiring is concerned.

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You could try this one. It’s actually a 7M, but I can’t see much difference between this and the 8M.


NEO-7M GPS Module.fzpz (42.4 KB)

Better still, here’s one with the correct label.


NEO-M8N GPS Module.fzpz (52.5 KB)

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