Where can I find the CI 4026B in Fritzing

Hello friends. I started using Fritzing now, but I can not find the IC 4026B in your library. Could anyone help me, please?

Here is a part for a 4026 I have created, see if it helps you. Send me your email address and I will give you a copy, I can’t upload the file on here as I am a new user too.

Hi, JBr, thanks to reply.
My email is valdercorrea@yahoo.com.br

I’m also searching for this part.
I would like to build somthing like this http://danyk.cz/dig_poc.gif

Thank you.

Ok lets see if we can make this:
From the Core Parts, take the part labeled IC and drag it to the PCB
In the inspector rename the Chip Label to CD4026B
number of pins : 16
and edit Pin Labels

As guide you can use the datasheet:

Once it is perfect Save the part, export it
and share it here.

Thank you!