What kind of project board

hi guys im new a electronics and i am looking for the best project board to mount a cmos image sensor to. the specific one is a doughnut shaped board that i can mount diodes to. so far ive only found led rings, if only there were one like the led ring with no led’s
anyone have an idea what its called?

Do you have a pointer to the data sheet for the image sensor? Finding a breakout board for that specific part would be your best bet. I’ll also point out that cmos image sensors are usually fairly complex to drive and not what I’d use as a starting project. That said sparkfun (https://www.sparkfun.com) and adafruit (https://www.adafruit.com/) have breakout boards for various things and might have an unpopulated led breakout. If the pin spacing is .1 inch (which is uncommon on cmos sensors I’m familiar with) you could cut one to a circular pattern (diodes usually do fit in a .1 inch grid, although I’m unclear on where the diodes come in to this.)

Peter Van Epp