What Is your favorite Fritzing feature

What is your favorite (existing) fritzing feature and why?

Tell a bit about it and spark some creative idea’s for new users.

If I had a favorite feature, it would be the ability to include 3D representations from other design tools (e.g., Autodesk Inventor, Fusion 360). My second favorite feature is the ability to edit part shapes right in the program.

Oh, wait. Those features exist only in my fantasies of the ideal program. Right now, I have so little experience in it (because I have been struggling to create the parts I need) that I have no idea what the existing features are.

By the way, there is no apostrophe in the plural: ideas.

So if a 2D view could be exported to lets say FreeCAD, would that be a step toward that direction?

I say FreeCAD since gilded cages like AutoCAD and Fusion are in a way working backwards. Better to spend time on moving forward with open standards then wasting time to figure out a way to work with closed standards. But i don’t know how the Fritzing devs see this. But Since Fritzing is open It may very well be possible for someone who is familiar with AutoCAD or Fusion to build such functionality.

I also struggle to make my own parts. Something as basic as the solder mask is holding me hostage right now. But my parts are slightly different then average. So it looks like i have to accept this missing feature for now, but i really hope it will make it into a future version of Fritzing.

To apostrophe or not to apostrophe is one hell of a question when you are not thinking about it. :slight_smile: