What is with the fritzing StarterKit and CreatorKit?

In the fritzing example projects, are the Sub-projects “Fritzing Creator Kit”, “Fritzing Starter Kit” and “Fritzing Workshop”.

And there existing a playlist for the Starter Kit in english
youtube (dot) com/watch?v=9E779EfPLI4&list=PL8CD32146ED5CD04E
in german
youtube (dot) com/watch?v=998xrtggNfM&list=PLCBA3EB7225FF750C
and for the Creator Kit in german
youtube (dot) com/watch?v=Ubd0NcbB_bE&list=PLKGvwBlRVbwnZQNZrsPigFRClxWRgOe-A

It is also mentioned on the fritzing website
fritzing (dot) org/shop/starter-kit/
fritzing (dot) org/starterkit-instructions
fritzing (dot) org/fritzing-creatorkit
fritzing (dot) org/shop/

And it was mentioned in the news. For example on Golem
golem (dot) de/news/fritzing-creator-kit-im-test-bastelkasten-fuer-nachwuchs-arduino-hacker-1312-103496.html
kinder-technik (dot) de/arduino-einstieg-mit-fritzing-starter-set/

But where are the Kits do buy?
On Amazon both are sold out
amazon (dot) de/Fritzing-StarterKit-with-Arduino-Ethernet/dp/B007OSF34Y
amazon (dot) de/CREATOR-KIT-MIT-ARDUINO-DEUTSCH/dp/B00F8A2154

Same on Conrad Electronics
conrad (dot) com/p/fritzing-creator-kit-mit-arduino-uno-deutsch-1284420

The server of the fritzing shop with all its sub-domains are no longer existing
shop (dot) fritzing (dot) org/

Will the fritzing kits ever be republished?
Or PDF-versions of the books together with links to the components of reichelt (dot) de or other shops to buy every component for its own, to have at the end one of the fritzing boxes.

And what is with the “Fritzing Workshop” example? Existing videos for that?

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The kits were discontinued some time (3-4 years) ago (which is why they aren’t available any more.) The documentation and videos are still up for people that have the kits.