What is this surface mount component?

Warning NOOB! This may not be the right place for this question, please redirect if needed. I’m reverse engineering a ckt brd design, and have a surface mount component I can’t identify. Bear with me, I learned electronics in the 1980’s, and yes, I know what tubes are, LOL!! I’m really enjoying learning Fritzing software, and hope to become a contributor here.

What is this

I think this is a DFN 1610 package, but I don’t know what the component is. Any help would be appreciated.


The line on it signifies it to be a diode and the line is the negative side.

Thanks! That’s what I was thinking, reminded me of the discrete round, black, diodes with the line(cathode) making the negative end. I try to find as much as I can, but I was having trouble confirming this one.

Thanks for the PDF, too!

I’m looking at the parts editor help & hope to add a couple components, Cheers!