What is the part name?

Just a beginner of fritzing user. I made my first PCB with fritzing a month ago and other two PCBs are under process. I have one difficult thing for using the program. When I have a real item such as 2x20 female pin header (Similar to the one on RPI 3) but I don’t know how to find it in Fritzing. Do I need to use two of 10 female pin header.

If you search the word generic in Fritzing you will find a generic female header. Once you drag that out on to your PCB/Schematic/Breadboard you can then change the “row” to 2 in the inspector and then set the pin count in the inspector as well.

That appears to be broken at present, so indeed either finding a project (such as on of the PI parts) with the size of connector you want and exporting the part from there or two single headers are your best bet.


Actually I think it works as intended, at least on my system. In PCB view you get a double row header. In Breadboard and schematic you get a single row because a double would not work in breadboard and a single row is easier to work with in schematic.

You may be correct, I was thinking it is broken (and surprised that something so basic was broken) because some breadboads do use dual headers but this explaination makes more sense. Thanks!


Thank , it looks like you need to know the trick. I saw it is double rows now in PCB.
Most people will expect to see double rows on the breadboard view as me.

Funny thing is I didn’t know it was like that until Vanepp questioned it. I use Fritzing for PCB design and never open Breadboard view at all.

Yes, that’s what happens.

I’ve been making double row headers in SCH for past week because they are more compact.