What is the Lattest version of Fritzing?

I am new to fritzing and the version I downloaded is 0.9.2 and it says that it is beta. Is there a newer non beta version of fritzing. I did see somewhere that there apparently is a 0.9.2b but this was almost a year ago. Any help on making sure I have the latest version of fritzing would be much appreciated. Thanks much.

fritzing is still currently beta software. fritzing 0.9.2b was released on April 3, 2015. We are actively working towards a non-beta version. Hope this answers your question. You have the latest version.

Good to hear that Fritzing is actively being worked on. Looking at the github stats/graphs https://github.com/fritzing/fritzing-app/graphs/contributors There seems to be a tailing off of activity in the past couple of years which is worrying. The contributor irascible who seems to have been a major contributor has not been so active since 2014
Certainly activity is less than a lot of other open source projects like FreeCAD, KiCAD, OpenSCAD, Synfig

I too have been worried at the lack of activity. Every time I go to use it I end up not seeing a part I need. I don’t have the time to go creating parts. I tried it once and just missed a lot. It definitely needs a better way to add parts or seriously add to the parts list. I found one part someone had contributed. But then again ran into another one missing. If there is another tool like this that has more parts I’d be interested. Sorry.

I’m going to be that annoying user and repost this on this thread also:

Just found this http://friends.fritzing.org/ which I found somewhat revealing

What about connecting a request to a donation?

i would like to donate some money for some update or option. And once that option is in place then i want to double the amount.

In the past there was a 80Euro fee to create a part? (not sure how that worked) Lets take that as a guideline.

Now lets say i want to donate 80 euro for a part, but then do it as follows. I donate 40 euro now.
that 40 euro will be paid to the person who actually creates the part. Then once the part is finished then i pay another 40 euro and THAT 40 euro is for the fritzing project itself.
This way you can draw in people who help to make stuff and can earn some money while doing it.

Not sure how the Brandenburg tax office will view this… Thats another issue … But the creator of the part also may say i refuse to take the money and i leave the full amount to the fritzing project… But that’s a choice.

The main thought behind it is drawing in MORE people who then can do more together.
Some have time some don’t have time, some have money, some need money, some have knowledge. And with an option to balance things out you can take things to another level.

Now i’m not saying it has to be done like this, it’s merely an idea so it could be the beginning of an even better idea that actually works. :smile:

Maybe do something like a part suggestion, and let people opt in with 1 euro, once there are 80 people that opted in then create the part and everyone pay’s 1 Euro to celebrate.

And have IBAN as payment option, With Paypal you loose a lot of money to a greedy US based payment service and get nothing in return.

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The last update seems to be around 2013, huh? Must not have raised the funding I guess? I wonder if just going to a pay a few bucks (10 dollars) for the software would be a better model? I know most people would prefer the open source model but the current way the fritzing foundation goes about it is they seem to do most of the dev in private anyway, so if it’s a money thing probably better to just charge? I would pay for it if there was active development and a clear roadmap.

I think adding that Code thing or whatever its called was not a good idea, imho. Now they have another unrelated component to take care of instead of just circuit design and pcb layout. Why try to compete with the Arduino IDE, I don’t know?

I think that would apply to most people, but not going to donate without those two things.

Hello All,

One thing that I suspect is hurting the fritzing project is that users of the fritzing program are creating their boards using the fritzing software and then having companies in China or other countries fabricate the PCB’s instead of having the fritzing people in Berlin produce or manufacture the boards. It may be cheaper in China but I am sure it is not as good a quality as you would get from fab fritzing in Germany. Personally if I design a PCB using the fritzing software I would pay a little bit more to make sure the boards are manufactured properly and with better quality. Also the people at fritzing are better able to spot and correct issues with the PCB layout than are these other companies in China and Taiwan, etc. One way we can funnel funds into the fritzing project is to have the people at fritzing fabricate our boards. Just a thought. Let me know what you all think.