What is the best way to remove the white around parts?

I took a picture of the Yellow fan from the kit used Gimp and 3d paint to edit it then used pngtosvg.com to convert it to an .svg file. Then resized the file with https://products.aspose.app/imaging/image-resize Then loaded the image into parts editor and changed all the metadata etc to fit what my new part is.

Between converting from PNG to SVG file the background or artboard became white again.

I have Inkscape just not familiar with it yet.

Yellow fan blade.fzpz (891.8 KB)

motorizedfanwithtilt.fzz (1.5 MB)

why you send motorizedfanwitilt.fzz

downloads 1 more file

Remove path10 from the svg.

here path10 is moved away from the image. It does nothing useful so deleting it won’t hurt anything but improves the image in Fritzing:

image with path10 removed (I also added the breadboard layerId so that your part will now export as an image, which it won’t without the breadboard layerId.)

original part:

note the grid lines where path 10 are are overwritten by path10 (I assume what you are unhappy with!)


Thank you Peter! I knew there was something simple to fixing this.