What are the steps to installing fritzing successfully on your pc?

I visited the Fritzing website about hours ago and decided to download Fritzing. When I completed the payment of $9.05 I returned to the download page to continue my download but something was wrong. It continued to take me through the payment process again and again. I have checked my email severally to see if I am supposed to receive a link for the download but I’m still waiting. Please if anyone knows the right process to downloading and installing Fritzing to windows7 please could you share.

Welcome aboard. At this point, (having paid) you need to log in to your account on the Fritzing site (if you are logged in here you should be logged in there as well) and tick the “I have already paid” button to bypass the donation. Once that is done there is a list of the various releases (Windows, linux and Mac) available for download. You need to click on the Windows version (so it knows which OS you want to download) and the zip file should download. Unzip the zip file in to a directory on the C: drive and then change directories in to it. In there there will be a Fritzing.exe. Right click on that and send to desktop will create a Fritzing short cut to execute from the desktop.



the process describe by vanepp works, but that is not how it is supposed to be.

After the payment, you are redirected back to the download page, and can choose which version of Fritzing you want, include very old versions like the 0.9.3b version for 32bit systems. No login or similar needed.

It seems an increasing number of people see the issue that they are indeed forwarded to the download page, and although the server at that moment registers a successfull transaction (payment made, user arrived back at download page), the page itself looks as before, with the payment button.

I could not yet reproduce this on any of my systems (linux, windows, mac, safari, firefox, chrome…) . I don’t want to invest to much time on hunting that issue down, most time I currently spend on rewriting the complete page on a new technology stack. But still it would be great to know what is causing this.

In at least one previous case (don’t know about this one), the user had missed the “select an operating system” dialog for the download and was expecting it to download Windows automatically. Perhaps a message the you need to “select your operating system below” on the web page (assuming that is what is tripping people up)? My sense (from a sample of one) is that this is operator error, not the fault of the web page.


For OSX I found that standing naked in a circle of stone on a full moon and offering a PCB design virgin to the gods worked well.