Wemos Lolin ESP32 S2 pico & C3 pico

Has anyone tried out the new ESP32 S2 pico and C3 pico?

I like them a lot and would like to integrate them into designs – however so far I have failed creating the parts for fritzing. Has anyone succeeded in creating the parts? I would appreciate if you would share the parts.

Best regards, Dani

There don’t appear to be Fritzing parts for either. You would need to provide a web site for the boards you want (with connection and mechanical layout information) for anything further to be done as there are several versions of each board. The adafruit versions may have Fritzing parts in their Fritzing repository as many of their boards have Fritzng parts.


I have bought several of the boards directly from WEMOS at Wemos Lolin ESP32 S2 Pico and WEMOS Lolin ESP32 C3 pico. They provide some measuring information and schematics on the above websites. Thank you for having a look into it.


These 2 parts should do what you want. As always before ordering boards print the footprint out at 1:1 scale and check it against a real board.

wemos-C3-pico.fzpz (17.4 KB)

wemos-S2-pico.fzpz (12.8 KB)


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Wow, Peter, thank you so much, I’m thrilled! Can I buy you a beer? Regards, Dani