Wemos esp32 Lolin

Hey everyone,

So I went walking around google for anyone whom may have made or perhaps started to make a part for this new part, unfortunately I came up with nothings so I thought id reachout as I have 2 of these boards and would very much like a part made for them.

I am no expert at fritzing ( am looking at tutorials though ), so just looking for a little help or perhaps help someone else with the same idea…


Is this different than this one?

If not there is a part in this thread.


That part is actually quite close, I think with the many variants out there this can get to be a pain, I did find just the MCU part ( not on a breakout ),

Here are a couple of images of the Wemos one I have,

Thanks for the reply, at this stage every little helps…


The main difficulty is the lack of mechanical drawings. The position of the mounting holes and the size of the board (their technical specs make it 2.54mm by 5.8mm which is obvious nonsense) is the main unknown (and it appears to be on .9in like most of them not the 1.1 in on the V3) part. It is easy enough to change one of the existing ones if you can get me the position of the 2 mounting holes and the size of the board (perferably via vernier calipers). The rest of the stuff is available in their pictures. It may be the mounting holes will turn out to be the same as on the V.1 boards in which case I have the start of a part.


That sounds great,

Leave it to me I will get whats required here … other than what you describe is there anything else that would be of benefit?.


That should do it, there is enough other info on their web site to identify the pins.


Thanks again for the real quick responses,

So here are some quick dimensions I cant get more accurate than this until later…

Length: 57mm
Width: 25mm

So the mounting holes are 1mm in from the top and sides and are 2mm wide…


Try this and see if it matches the real thing :slight_smile: . I added connections in breadboard (but not in pcb) for the battery connection on the 2mm connector so you could connect a 3.7v Lipo cell to it at least in breadboard and schematic (I don’t see the pads coming out to pins on the bottom, although they may).

Wemos lolin32.fzpz (16.4 KB)


Hey Peter,

So I have one of these in a Breadboard on the bench and this part in fritzing is spot on, great job with this I am looking at doing a custom with this part to take care of the 3.3v only tolerance and what nots.

il definitely need to look at this alot more in the part editor…

Again fantastic job :slight_smile:

If you need 5V tolorent input level translators I like the 74ahc buffers (but not the transeivers). They have eliminated the substrate diode to Vcc on the ahc125/126 (quad) ahc365/367 (hex) and ahc240-244 (octal) (and probably the equivelent 5 series buffers) so the input will tolerate up to 5.5V while powered from 3.3V and outputting at 3.3V. Great for chips that are not 5V tolerant (which is a lot of them these days). For bidirectional the 74LVC8T245 is the best answer but smd only (the rest are available dip).


Oh cool, il look those up for certain…


This is great!

Has anyone seen a lolin32 lite or pro part?


Its easy enough to make the parts, but there isn’t a lot of useful information around. I can’t see a mechanical drawing for instance. I assume from the 25.4 cm width that the pin spacing is their standard .9in but that isn’t stated anywhere I can see. No position for the 2mm battery connector or other parts useful for making breadboard. If you have one or both and can measure them that would do. There is a schematic for the pins but that doesn’t help with the part positioning.

edit: This should do mostly. The mounting holes on silk screen in pcb are just a guess going from the photos since there doesn’t appear to be any info on mounting that google can find. They aren’t drilled by default, if you want them you need to drag a hole from the tool bar to the correct place (which would mean you finding the correct place).

edit: I just replaced the lolin32lite.fzpz file with a new one with a couple of corrections, so if you have downloaded it before seeing this message please download it again to get the corrected version.

Wemos Lolin32lite.fzpz (15.5 KB)

and here is a version for the pro. Same issue the mounting holes may not be in the correct place on sillkscreen (corrections welcomed if you have a board!).

Wemos_Lolin32_pro.fzpz (16.7 KB)



Has anyone made a part for the new Lolin D32? (https://wiki.wemos.cc/products:d32:d32)

Don’t see one in a google search, unfortunately also don’t see a mechanical drawing or even a pinout list at a quick glance. It should be relatively easy to modify one of the existing parts with mechanical dimensions and pin outs (the schematic on their site would likely have the pin outs). If you have one and can provide the measurements of the mounting holes and connectors (or verify they are the same as one of the others) it is easy enough to make such a part.


This should do what you want. The third mounting hole isn’t in the pcb as I don’t know where it is exactly but everything else should be there …

Wemos Lolin D32.fzpz (16.6 KB)