WEMOS D1 Mini - DC Power Shield

Name of the part
WEMOS D1 Mini - DC Power Shield

Previous work, similar parts
Most available shields for the D1 Mini can be found here: GitHub - mcauser/Fritzing-Part-WeMos-D1-mini-Shields: Fritzing Part: WeMos D1 Mini Shields

Top view

Documentation and Schematics: DC Power Shield — WEMOS documentation

Breakout board, sub assembly, plug in module (A)
Other (DC-DC Step-Down 7-24V to 5V @ 1A - with standard barrel jack 5.5 x 2.5mm)

Standard D1 Mini Shield

I dug through the existing forks of the linked GitHub repository and found this one where some work on the DC shield has already been done. Unfortunately it wasn’t functional at all. It was completely broken. I was however able to re-use the SVGs that this user created to create a part that can successfully be imported and used. I’m sure improvements can be done (especially since the DC jack is not visible in the SVG), but for my purposes this will suffice:
WeMos-D1-mini-DC-power-Shield-by-Naesstrom-Fixed.fzpz (23.8 KB)