Weird connection - Help into my final project

Hi, i just make a small circuit which detects electromagnetic fields using mosfet and BJT transistors, I just bought the pieces and i am waiting for them to start testing at the real life, so advancing in my report i downloaded fritzing to draw my project, after i finished drawing all seems to be good, instead of the 1 gigaohm resistor, i don’t know what’s that weird connection, can anyone help me? the schematic and the breadboard prototypes are in the file .fzz, I’ll also add an image of my original circuit. thank you.

PROYECTO.fzz (10.8 KB)

That dotted line through R6 is a ratsnest, ie you forced a connection in another view.

If you look at R6 in your SCH the ends are numbered, so probably you didn’t know that and simply connected any end in BB view.

The best way to fix it is go to SCH and delete minus R6, then bring another new resistor in and connect it, and then trust the ratsnests in the other view to connect it.

Thanks for the help Old_Grey, i saw the problem when i posted this thread after 20 minutes, my R6 was supposed to be connected into the potentiometer, i checked it, and i was putting the jumper out of the resistor, so, that’s why the wire was a ratsnest, in the old .fzz that i uploaded, the jumper connected to Gate, is connected to nothing, after i saw that, i fixed it, no more ratsnest, thank you anyways, have a nice day :slight_smile: