Weird Camdenboss Screw Terminal bug

Is there something weird with the Camdenboss Screw Terminals

Pull one in to the SCH view.
Now join the pin legs with a wire, and you will find the pins stay red.
Now join the screw terminals with a wire, and they turn in to big red boxes.

I don’t think the part really needs to be double ended in the SCH view, because none of the other screw terminals or headers are.

Sorry for not seeing this earlier. Can you screenshot the weirdness please?
This part was a headache to design, as you know. The part is double ended in in schematic view for two reasons.
Firstly, the breadboard view needs the two connectors because the pins on the actual part do not line up with the sockets and if you have connectors that appear in one view but not the other, other screwy things can happen (don’t ask me what specifically, I can’t remember!)
The second reason is still subject to debate because I have yet to see an example of what one of these would look like in use on another product or drawing e.g. Eagle. My understanding was that the straight lines represented the pin connectors and the circles the terminal sockets, like plug and socket symbols, which is what I implemented. If you look at my git commit I gave some examples. I don’t think the other terminals and headers are necessarily a valid guide in this - I think we need some examples of drawings in other IEEE compliant products and media.
For example, one thing that appears the case from the Eagle parts catalogue is that terminal parts should have boxes round the outside. Where are ours?

Ahh sorry, I found out what was wrong. If you connect pins to pins on the same part they stay red, connect them to other parts and it’s green.