Waveshare RP2040-one

Hi all, does anyone have a part file for the waveshare rp2040?

Thanks in advance

These two parts (one tht one smd) with some warnings, should do what you want.

waveshare-rp2040-One-tht.fzpz (14.6 KB)


the pads circled in red are female so they won’t connect to the breadboard (and thus won’t short!) They can be connected to via a wire.

the pads circled in red here are on the bottom of the board and do not appear in pcb view for the tht part (they do in the smd part, more on that later!) as they have no through hole connection. You can connect to them in breadboard and schematic and in real life solder wires to the pad on the bottom of the board.


has all pins including the USB pins if you need to connect to them for some reason. The USB pins are not available in either tht or smd parts in pcb as they can’t be accessed.


in tht neither the USB pins at the top nor the pads on the bottom of the board appear in pcb. As noted you can solder wires to them to utilize them and they will show in schematic and breadboard.

waveshare-rp2040-One-smd.fzpz (14.6 KB)

The smd part. I’m not at all sure this is going to work as there appears from the images to be parts on the bottom of the board which I would expect to interfere with soldering this down, but if that isn’t correct then this may work. Before ordering boards print the pcb footprint out at 1:1 scale and compare it to a real part because as noted I don’ t have one to try it on. If you manage to solder it down please post that it indeed works for other folks! In pcb the smd part passes DRC with the default rules (but with a finer grid size set to allow correct alignment of traces!)

The tht part is intended to plug in to 0.1in headers, or a breadboard the SMD part is intended (but as noted may not work) to solder to the board.