Water heater aquarium

hi, do you have aquarium water heater parts?

No, but it is easy enough to make one if you have a web site that gives its mechanical dimensions and connection information.


can you make it for me? thanks

Yes, but as noted, I need the a web site with the size of the one you want and maybe the connections (I assume two wires though.)


can it help?


and do you have plug ac parts?
like this.

I am not sure I see a purpose for making a part for this. It appears to be self contained, it plugs in to the power line and heats water in the aquarium (presumably with an internal thermostat.) There isn’t anything except the power line to connect to anything in Fritzing (and Fritzing doesn’t usually deal with power lines.) As to the AC parts there are AC socket parts, but I don’t know of any plugs (mostly because they aren’t very useful for anything in Fritzing.) What would a Fritzing part for this device do? The most likely situation would be controlling the temperature by switching the power to the heating element off and on with a relay driven by a microprocessor, is that what you are trying to do?


yes, that’s right I will connect the heater to the relay. and it’s also true that the water heater has an AC voltage

OK here is a Fritzing part for the heater:

amara-ht-100.fzpz (3.9 KB)

The power connection terminates in wires (rather than a power plug which Fritzing doesn’t have at present) but it should do. I think I made a 115 duplex power outlet for someone a while ago (it should be in the forums here somewhere) but I’m not aware of any more 115 or 220V electrical parts. Hope this helps!


Thank you very much, all the best :innocent: