Want design for a gauntlet I have, willing to pay commission

I’m really a noob at fritzing, but I have this idea. For context, I recently ordered a replica of the Infinity Gauntlet that came with light up stones, everything was fine, except for the circuitry on the stones, one of them had the switch broken and always on and another would only work while pressed.

Rather than contact the seller and get new ones (as i’m afraid of them being bad quality again). I was wondering if anyone here could help design better ones, and maybe even improve it.

See the stones go into the gauntlet using magnets, I was wondering if I could make a system to add sound to it for when I put in / remove a stone, and also better LEDs.

I’d be willing to pay to have someone help me design it. I’ll provide measurements if necessary.

You may have a few problems. There likely isn’t a Fritzing part for the button cell and it is unclear what chip is used to do the flashing nor how all this fits in the detachable gems.


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