W5500.fzpz and MCP23S17.fzpz?


I am just starting to utilize Fritzing program and I find it very interesting.

Only that I am searching for some parts that apparently are not included in any library. Bellow I am detailing my problem:

Topic 1 - considering the part: MCP23S17 - with SPI interface, I found out there was someone that created the part for fritzing in 2014 but the link does not work for downloading (https://github.com/fritzing/fritzing-app/issues/2751)> I understand what the problem was but I am curious how come no one made this part again. My question regarding this topic is:

  1. If someone already made the part again or if you succeeded downloading it before it was deleted first time from github, can you post it again so other users have access to it?
  2. Which is more difficult between the next two options:
    a) Make a new part from scratch?
    b) Modify an existing part, from the same family that does almost the same things, by adding new logic and so on?

Topic 2 - considering the Wifi module from wiznet W5500: I found this part online but reading the datasheet of the part this module should have 48 pins and this one has only 10 pins.
Is there a configuration through which I can take out this module from Arduino Leonardo (in simulation) and use only what I need or is it better to make it from scratch? Or do you have any other suggestions?

Thank you fore your time and sorry for the long post.

Which package.

If it’s DIP just grab a generic IC from CORE bin, change the pins in Inspector, and then change the pin spacing to match. You can right-click EDIT and change pin names in Connectors and info in META and save as a custom part, if you want to go to all that trouble.

You can also search for the footprint and use that.

You need to improve your google foo :slight_smile:

search term fritzing part w5500

Gets two hits (both appear to have problems though, although they would be easy for me to fix.) Let me know which if either matches what you have and if you want a fix.

search term fritzing part MCP23S17

hit 1 indicates it is available in the adafruit fritzing library on github (which isn’t loaded by default in Fritzing but can be downloaded and installed easily or just unzipped and the individual part loaded).

edit: I see there is also a user created part that I fixed up earlier (although I’d probably use the adafruit one myself :slight_smile: ) that is available by searching the forums for MCP23017 (as that is an alternate part number for the same device). Checking the data sheet for alternate part numbers is also a good bet, although google was smart enough to search for both terms.


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Hello Vanepp,

For the part w5500 I already imported one of the two parts that were available online. But now I can not get rid of this part and import the other because the program states that there already is a part with this name. I do not really know how to remove this problem in Fritzing but I am searching for the answer. In the mean time the part that I loaded has only 10 pins. I am searching for the whole model of the wiznet part w5500 lqfp48 that has 48 pins. On the electrical diagram that I have for the wiring of this part model I have some other pins (TXN, TXP, RXN, RXP) that are not available in the model found online (the one that I imported in the Fritzing library with 10 pins). I would like a fix on this part if it is possible. I will be awaiting for your reply.

Regarding the second part I already imported the MCP23017 into the Fritzing library. The difference between this imported part and the model with S instead of 0 in the name means that I do not need the I2C interface as in the MCP23017 model but the communication to be done by SPI interface as in the MCP23S17 model. If you could also do a fix on this part I would be grateful. Many components in my electrical wiring scheme go through this component and I really need it to work from the start as the actual part. In the rest the two models work the same so this is the only difference between them as far as I searched.

Thank you for your reply.

In Win you delete the file in C:\Users\X\Documents\Fritzing\parts\user, and then you can import.

There are plenty of LQFP-48 footprints, just put the part # in Inspector and Edit and save as new part.

Please provide links to where you get stuff because we would have spent 100s of hours looking for info, never knowing if it’s the one the person wants.

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This is a bug in Fritzing. Sometimes it can be fixed by shutting down Fritzing and restarting to clear the old part (you need to tell it you don’t want to save the loaded parts when it asks). If that doesn’t work then you need to move aside the user directories that hold the user parts and sketches to clear the database (this also unfortunatly deletes all your sketches so you need to have exported them before hand). There are instructions on finding the files (it varies by operating system) elsewhere in the forum or I can post them here again.

Ah, yes the parts are the module version of the W5500 you are looking for the actual chip which I didn’t see anywhere. I’ll have a look at it and see if there is anything I can do easily.

This should do the job

MCP23s17.fzpz (10.6 KB)

edit: And this should do the W5500. Note you need to check the footprint fits the actual part. Wiznet doesn’t have a recommended footprint in the datasheet so this is the standard one from Fritizng.

W5500.fzpz (12.0 KB)



Thank you very much. I think that now I can begin the wiring.

I will see now if the W5500 is as the documentation that I have. The datasheet of the chip can be found on the next link: http://www.mt-system.ru/sites/default/files/documents/w5500_ds_v104e_140613.pdf

Yep that’s the same one I used (except a couple of versions later from the manufacturer’s web site). Mine came from

Wiznet makes the chips (I have some of their W7100s with an on board 8051 on eval boards).


Nice. Thank you very much.

I was also able to remove the old .fzpz parts from Fritzing in Ubuntu. I just deleted the files that were located in ~/Documents/Fritzing associated with the names that were not good. Now I was able to import the parts that you made, so thank you again.

Everyone, have a nice day :slight_smile:

Yes, I was just playing with that in the source with the view to fixing it. It is actually working (sort of), it queues the delete until you quit Fritzing and if you don’t save the new parts it will delete the removed part and you can reload on the next start of Fritzing. If it did the delete right then then you could immediately reload the part. The trick is going to be finding out where it has stashed the path/file name combo which is so far secret :slight_smile: . My top two bugs to fix are in the same area (a crash when an invalid part is loaded and Parts Editor not deleting an exported part even when you say don’t save new parts). I have fixes for both of those so this one should be possible too.


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