VQFP44 smd and PLCC44 socket dip parts help

Hi guys, I need the parts for XC9572 in VQFP-44 SMD package also the PLCC44 socket for the PLCC version. Thanks in advance

This post may work for the VqFP44 (you would need to verify the footprint though.

A PLCC 44 socket would need to be made (there doesn’t appear to be one at present, (I have a plcc68 but not a 44.)


Here is a plc44 socket part. You need to check the pcb footprint, it is made from this socket


which I assume (perhaps incorrectly) will cover any of them.

XC9572PLCC44.fzpz (7.9 KB)

edit: Since I corrected the referenced part and the change is simple here is a VQFP44 part as well

XC9572VQFP44.fzpz (8.0 KB)


I’ll check, many thanks mate