Vertical TO-92 Transistor

This is a generic TO-92 transistor that has an image of the transistor inserted vertically for the Breadboard view.

    1. The part only has the TO-92 package. It does not have the TO-220 or SOT-23 packages that are included in the core part.
    1. The part has NPN and PNP transistors with CBE, EBC and ECB pinouts for both types.
    1. The part is created in the breadboard, schematic and pcb views.
    1. The part is tested in the breadboard, schematic and pcb views.

I build my breadboard circuits with the TO-92 transistors inserted vertically, I don’t bend them over flat on the board like the core Fritzing breadboard parts. This makes the Breadboard view of my circuits less WYSISYG than I’d like using the core parts.

Standard Transistor (V) - TO92 [THT] - v1.0.fzbz (23.1 KB)