Version 1.0.1 crashes when doing anything

I just recently (like 10 minutes ago) bought Fritzing for my Mac (running Venture 13.2) on an Intell processor. The Fritzing application starts, but if I try to do anything, like even move the window, it crashes immediately.
What can I do to help log the problem, and hopefully resolve it so I can use the application?

What I expected should have happened instead:

My version of Fritzing and my operating system:

Please also attach any files that help explaining this problem

Since you are the second report of problems (the first yesterday was on Windows) that probably indicates a problem. I know how to get a log from the windows installer, but not the Mac. Your best bet is to open an issue on github here

I just checked and there aren’t any other reports of problems on 1.01 yet just the two posts here. A workaround is likely to download a copy of version 1.0.0 as (AFAIK) it is working. I haven’t yet upgraded to 1.01 (which is fairly newly released.)


Do you get a crash report that you could post?

We have manually tested the installation on Big Sur (intel), Monterey (intel) and Ventura (m1 and m2). There are a number of users on 1.0.1 already, so we will have to find some rare condition that is currently unique to your machine.
I am not sure how widespread Ventura on Intel is, but I’d expect that already multiple user would have encountered the issue if that combination was not supported. I don’t have access to such an environment, however.

If the application crashes on any move, it sounds like an issue in combination either with the input devices or with the graphics driver.
Can you try if Fritzing 1.0.0 works in your setup? 1.0.1 doesn’t introduce changes in the framework, so if one reliable crashes, and the other not, it would narrow in the problem.