VCC Arrow symbol?

I’m new to Fritzing and just coming up to speed, and have a question. Instead of the schematic “power” symbol I’d like to use a simple arrow VCC symbol instead. Does anyone know of a simple arrow part that can be downloaded? I’ve looked in this forum and in Github, but cant find one.




A single pin generic header will do what you want with limitations. It will create a part in breadboard and schematic (which the VCC symbol will not) and it won’t be part of the VCC net (which the VCC symbol is) and thus won’t automatically connect to VCC which the power symbol will. I don’t think anything but a code change will change the power symbol. To create the arrow first drag in a connector from core parts

then change it to 1 pin male in Inspector (the lower right window)

then edit the part label to add the VCC

and rotate the part 90 degrees counter clockwise to align it upwards.


That’s perfect!!! Thank you very much Peter.


If you are feeling adventurous, it is in fact possible to change the power icon without a code change.

the icon is in fact an svg in core parts and if you replace it it will look like this. Nothing seems to break, but that isn’t a guarantee something I haven’t seen yet doesn’t break. To make the change you need to download this svg (by right clicking on the image and selecting save image as, using power.svg as the file name)


and copy it into


which replaces the icon. The downside is that you have changed the core parts repository and automatic parts update won’t work any more ( keeping a copy of the original power.svg file and replacing it if you want to do a parts update will work though!) On Windows 10 (in use here) the full path is

C:\Program Files\Fritzing\fritzing-parts\svg\core\schematic\power.svg

Linux and the Mac are in different places I expect. I also didn’t change the icon file so Inspector still shows the old format even with the new svg loaded. Copying the same svg in to C:\Program Files\Fritzing\fritzing-parts\svg\core\icon\power.svg

should fix that (although I haven’t tested that!)