Using the sparkfun library

I am not sure if the sparkfun library loaded when I downloaded the fritzing program or if it was an addition I did ages ago but I have a problem with it.
The third item in the other section of the library is supposed to be a tb6612fng motor driver. The icon is just a white sheet and the icons in the lower box are all white sheets.
Is the library a fixture that comes with the fritzing program?
When I click on it I am told it is not accessible, my computer locks up and apart from turning off and on again the only way I have found to get out of this is to do a ctrl_alt_delete and close it from the task manager losing all my work.
Is it possible I have a corrupt copy or is there something wrong with the library?

Depends which tb6612 part you are referring to. There is one in core parts:

and another in the Sparkfun repo (which is not loaded to Fritzing by default) known as the ROB-14451 which is in the Sparkfun repository (which you can load in to Fritzing.) If you want the core parts one, reloading Fritzing should correct any errors in core parts as it will be reloaded. The Sparkfun repository will likely be more of a problem. You could delete the user directories but that will delete any custom parts you have loaded (including the Sparkfun repository I expect.) but that will lose all your custom parts. I don;t know of a way to remove a bin after it has been loaded but there may be one that I am just not aware of.