Using 8266 wifi to communicate over LAN for a gardening project

I’m a Newb here, and I have a question concerning 8266 wifi boards. Most of these I have seen are listed as transceivers. It would seem, if this is the case, the boards could actually be used as a “wireless” 2-way communication system for multiple monitoring devices on an individual’s own LAN first, and perhaps place it on the web later to monitor the system from any location. Does anyone have any information or ideas whether this is doable or a possibility? If these boards won’t work is there other dependable ways to setup wireless communication with other Arduino components.

I would like to keep the project open source so others could expand and adapt the system to suit their own needs. It seems there should be considerable interest for others to use the system if it didn’t become cost prohibitive, and allowed others to use the system, and or make changes and improvements.

The first part of the project I’m considering is to set up a monitoring system for ground moisture content with sensors and the subsequent irrigation of the plot. If this part can be worked out, there are many other parts I have in mind for the system. I am taking it one step at a time, to make sure it will work, but if the idea works, there are many other parts I would like to work into the project and see others do the same. Making it wireless is a primary concern, as I am disabled and can’t make all of the trips to check on the devices. I can make some, but it is getting tougher to do.

I’m all about having fun with NEW IDEAS. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks for your consideration, and I look forward to any ideas you might have.



Good morning dancingBear,

What you want to do can all be done with Blynk, , You can bride several WiFi devices to a single device and monitor them from anywhere over your cell or pad, you can even set up your own server. The data can also be sent via text, e-mail, ITTT, and data sites… Just about any Android, RPi, ESP8266… WiFi/BT device will work. They also have a large community base on which to draw form…

Thank you steelgoose,

I will look into this and get back to you soon. I’m certain others have had similar needs, and I would be very interested in a system which could be adapted to the situation I described.

I appreciate your time, and may beg for more.


I would say that there is someone on Blynk that has already done something similar… If not, the Blynk community will help you out.