USB Decoder for Arcade

Hello! We need help with creating .fzpz a USB controller for an arcade machine that converts analog signals from external interfaces (joystick, buttons, etc.). Only photo available

Name of the part
USB Arcade Joystick Decoder

Top view

Insufficient information to do anything useful with. We would need physical dimensions and connector names to do anything much.


Screenshot 2024-05-20 090322
I found a slightly crooked diagram on EasyEDA. Essentially, there are 2 pin connectors for the buttons and one connector for the SWB (where +5 V comes in) and one connector for the joystick

Still not enough to make a part. Most of the connectors are 2 pin. Likely one pin is signal and one is ground, but it isn’t clear which is which (and we need to know to correctly define the pins.) If you have a board it should be possible to figure out what pin does what. I expect a number of them will connect together to either ground or 5V and can be beeped or tried with an ohmmeter (although be careful of chips if using an ohmmeter!) I use a beeper that uses around 0.2V which won’t affect most chips, some ohmmeters use 9V excitation which can damage chips.