USB-A Plug with four wires

Hi, I found this pictures of USB-A Plug, but I can´t find the fritzing file.
Maybe someone has the fritzing file?

Thanks a lot!

There doesn’t seem to be such a file and it isn’t worth making one as it isn’t useful. In general USB isn’t broken out in most CPU boards so there is nothing in Fritzing for this to connect to.


Okay, thanks vanepp. The purpose in this case is to provide building instructions for students who are supposed to connect a breadboard to a power bank using a USB cable - just for power supply.
This color coding is usually used for the cables in the USB cable, so it would be helpful for the correct connection.
Of course, this is also possible with another Fritzing part. I just liked the illustration.

It is easy enough to make one, it just isn’t all that useful. I’ll make one.


Here it is

USB-A-plug.fzpz (3.8 KB)

it looks like this

I didn’t connect the data lines as they aren’t useful and suppressed pcb as also not useful. It will show in schematic as a 5V power source.