Upload failed with exit code 259, 0

I use the latest version of fritzing 0.9.2
ARDUINO IDE 1.6.7 version
At compilation of a code
Running F:/TEST/arduino/arduino.exe --board arduino:avr:uno --port \.\COM1 --upload C:\Users\Дед\AppData\Roaming\Fritzing\fzz\d6a62d78c1a0f0363ddfe094ab8a50d3\Blink_TMP\Blink_TMP.ino
Upload failed with exit code 259, 0

Hi there and sorry for the late reply! Could you tell us which version of Windows you are using?

Also, just for grins, since your windows user name has these non-ASCII characters: Could you try this with a new Windows user account that doesn’t have special characters?

Turns out this was an issue with the Arduino IDE itself. Even though it returned a negative exit code, the upload actually worked.
In 1.6.8 this was fixed. :slight_smile: