Upload Failed with exit code 1,0

Hello!I’ve done a project with Arduino and i’ve runned the code having this error.

How it can be solved?

That looks to me like Fritzing is unable to find either the Arduino board, or the Arduino compilier. I do not use Fritzing to upload sketches to Arduino boards, but I remember reading here that there are (have been) issues getting thing configured correctly. Which might be different depending which operating system, Fritzing version, and Arduinio IDE version you are using. For some first checks, Is the Arduino IDE installed? Can you upload a sketch to the Arduino board using the regular Arduino IDE? Is the Frizting configuration set to point to the Arduino IDE?

yes i’ve arduino ide but i have not arduino board,the work is that i would like first time work with fritzing to view if i made the circuit corectly and yes i set the debugger in fritzing

That looks to be your problem. The IDE needs to know what Arduino is connected to the IDE in order to set the IDE correctly to compile for the correct board. With no board set the IDE won’t work. Fritzing will still display the circuit correctly in Fritzing, just compiling the code won’t work.