Update Fritzing in Windows 7

Hi guys
yesterday I install last version of Fritzing in Widows 7 x64 bit but I can`t get any update and when I try to Update manually I got this message :

at the first i thought this error might be for location of fritzing folder but I change the location of folder and it`s not work again .
so would you help me to fix this problem ? I Seriously need to install new update :slight_smile:

The procedure is described here:

You need to clone the parts repo and them run the database update in Fritzing. The problem is indeed with libgit2 but isn’t likely to get fixed before Win7 support dies (Win10 appears to work correctly).


Sorry , I don`t understand exactly . can you tell me what exactly I have to do to update Program ?

The parts data base is a clone of this github repository:

to update it on Windows7 you need to do a git clone of this repository in to where you installed Fritzing in the Fritzing-parts directory (in my case


in to directory Fritzing-parts)

once that is done you need to start Fritzing and then in breadboard view (or one of the others except welcome) click on Part->regenerate Parts Database and click OK. That will rebuild the database then exit Fritzing. When you restart Fritzing you will have the new parts database.


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Thanks Peter .
my problem is Solve Completely by your Solution .
I hope be Good All Time :slight_smile: