Unofficial Gentoo Ebuild for Fritzing 0.9.3b now available

I’ll toss this under ‘developers’ for lack of a better category.

The version of Fritzing available in the Gentoo Portage repository is 0.9.2b, and the ebuild is marked “No Maintainer”, meaning it’s unlikely to be updated. I wasn’t able to find 0.9.3b in any portage overlays either, official or otherwise.

So I updated the existing ebuild myself for the new version, along with one for libgit2-0.23.4, since the entire 0.23.x series is too old to be in the official repository and I couldn’t get Fritzing to build against 0.24+.

They’re available in a layman-compatible github repository at
Note that there could be a merge conflict if you’ve got existing packages installed that depend on >=libgit2-0.24. I didn’t, so I haven’t addressed that yet.

Hopefully it saves someone else some time. Now to sit down and figure out how Fritzing works, I’ve never used it before!

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When you hit issues feel free to ask here, there are a number of bugs and poorly (or not at all) documented gotchas that we have workarounds for.