UNO schematic and breadboard views

The pins are in different order on the breadboard image and the schematic image. This means that if I have a nice, planar picture in the schematic, the wires are all crossed-left-to-right on the breadboard. If I make a nice planar layout on the breadboard, then everything criss-crosses on the schematic. There is no reason that the layout for the schematic has to be backwards from the physical layout on the breadboard part. Can somebody fix this?

I have no idea how to change pin assignments, except it involves tools I don’t have and knowledge that is poorly documented. I tried this once years ago and it was not worth the effort.

While it can (and probably will) eventually get fixed, it needs to have the part obsoleted to not break previous sketches and as far as I know there is no documentation on obsoleting parts. Eventually I hope to do a general cleanup of core parts (there are a lot more things than just that wrong with the arduinos) it will likely be a long while.